Logan Paul SLAMS Shane Dawson's 'The Mind Of Jake Paul' As 'Extremely Misleading'

1 October 2018, 11:49

shane dawson logan paul response mind of jake paul
Picture: YouTube
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Logan praised the series but had some pointed criticisms.

Well it must be the freaking apocalypse or something because Logan Paul has posted a video and goddamn if isn't polite, extremely logical and difficult to disagree with.

Logan posted a video response to the first couple of episodes of Shane Dawson's smash-hit documentary series 'The Mind Of Jake Paul' and chimed in with many other viewers who felt that some of the series' tone and production missed the mark.

Logan opens by praising Shane's series and emphasising that he counts himself as a fan of the videos. He also openly acknowledges how controversial the Paul family can be - and says that the blame for that rests firmly on their own shoulders.

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But he critiques the way Shane focused so heavily on sociopathy in his latest edition of The Mind Of Jake Paul. Shane received a wide spectrum of criticism for the way sociopathic tendencies were treated in Part 2, with scary background music and bizarre stock footage painting the issue like something out of a horror film. He also called out Shane for conflating sociopaths and psychopaths, despite them being quite distinct.

Shane responded openly to these complaints and has said that he is going to re-edit some of the upcoming episodes to make them more appropriate.

See Logan's full video here:

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