Logan Paul Fan Arrested After Breaking Into His Home...And Charging His Phone

7 February 2018, 18:27

Logan Paul
Logan Paul. Picture: Frazer Harrison / Staff

By James Wilson-Taylor

The over-eager member of the 'Logang' just hung around and charged his phone while he waited for the vlogger to return.

In news nobody expected to read today, Logan Paul was forced to make a citizen's arrest on a fan after they broke into his home last night (February 6th).

TMZ reports that Logan returned to his home in San Fernando Valley, California at around 10pm to find a stranger sat on his couch charging his phone. The man, who knew it was the home of the YouTuber, entered through the unlocked front door and, while other people were upstairs in the home, the stranger went unnoticed by just chilling on the sofa alone.

According to law enforcement sources, Logan made a citizen's arrest upon his return before calling the police who have charged the fan with criminal trespass.

No details as to the exact identity of the intruder are available at this time but we guess the moral of the story for all other YouTubers out there is that you should always lock your front door in case an over-eager fan suddenly runs out of phone battery.

We'll update this post as more info becomes available.