Logan Paul Fans Are Racially Harassing A Vlogger Who Called Him Out And It's Not Okay

5 January 2018, 10:38 | Updated: 5 January 2018, 10:49

Logan Paul and Reina Scully
Logan Paul and Reina Scully. Picture: Other

By Josh Lee

Logan's fans hurled racist and sexist insults at Reina Scully after she spoke out about his suicide forest vlog

A Japanese-American vlogger was faced with racist insults and harassment after posting a video explaining why Logan Paul's controversial suicide forest vlog was inappropriate.

On January 2nd, YouTuber Reina Scully shared her reaction to Logan's vlog, in which he showed a suicide victim's body while visiting Japan's Aokigahara - sometimes known as a "suicide forest," because of the unusually high number of people who take their lives there.

Logan "doesn't really respect the Japanese as people," Reina said in her vlog. Explaining why Aokigahara is an inappropriate place to make a vlog, Reina, who describes herself as a "Japanese native who grew up in the states," said, “It’s one of our sins, and the internet is glorifying one of our darkest issues."

"Why not do this in the US?" she asked, suggesting that Logan doesn't respect the Japanese in the way he would Americans.

But less than 24 hours after Reina shared her video, people begun to hurl racist abuse and insults at her in the comments section.

Reina shared some of the comments she was subjected too - some of which attacked her asian heritage - on Twitter. As well as racist abuse, trolls accused her of using Logan's video for views, and attacked her with sexist insults.

"You bitch you don't have the right to talk about him," one wrote. Another commented, "Ching chang Chung. Shut the fuck up you suicide f*ggots. Let the J*ps kill themselves. LOGANG for LIFE.

Reina thanked her followers for their "outpouring of support and sympathy" after she revealed the online harassment she's faced. Assuring fans that she wasn't "hurting" from the harassment, she said "I wanted everyone to see [the comments] and understand how damaged [Logan] and his fans are."