Logan Paul Just Got Accused Of Stealing Song Lyrics But What Do You Think?

27 November 2017, 13:00

Logan Paul Flobots
Logan Paul. Picture: Logan Paul // YouTube

By Josh Lee

Logan was also called out for misogyny in the song

Logan Paul was at the centre of a plagiarism row this weekend after Flotbots accused the YouTuber of stealing a lyric for his song, "Handlebars."

The song, which was released on October 20th, features the hook, "I can ride your girl with no handlebars" - which was adapted from a hook in Flobots' 2009 song of the same name. In the original version, the lyrics to the hook are, "I can ride my bike with no handlebars."

On November 24th, Flobots called Logan out on Twitter for repurposing their hook without permission. The band also seemed to suggest that Logan's reworking of the lyrics was insensitive, given the prevalence of the #metoo campaign, which is giving women an opportunity to share stories of sexual violence.

However, some people have argued that Logan's lyric, while clearly crass, had nothing to do with non-consensual sex - and therefore didn't have much to do with #MeToo

That being said, most are in agreement that Logan's lyric is a rip-off

Except for the Logang, of course

Here's the original Flobots version