Logan Paul Takes A Stand Against Harassment Towards Girlfriend Chloe Bennet

19 July 2018, 11:03

Logan Paul and Chloe Bennet
Logan Paul and Chloe Bennet. Picture: Logan Paul

By Josh Lee

Since the pair went public with their relationship, Logan Paul's girlfriend Chloe Bennet has been subject to harassment online, both from her own fanbase and from those who dislike Logan. Now, Logan has spoken out against the trolls, asking them to leave Chloe alone in an emotional statement.

"Over the past year, [Chloe's] experience all my ups and all my downs," Logan wrote on Twitter on July 17th. "She never turned her back on me, she didn't publicly shame me, and she didn't hip on the "I Hate Logan Paul" bandwagon. Instead, she stuck her neck out for me, risked her career and personal friendships, and chose to help me grow as a human being and educate me on how to use my platform more responsible... which all allowed me to learn from my mistakes."

Taking aim at those who have sent Chloe hate since their relationship announcement, Logan said, "to anyone giving her a hard time, please do not hold Chloe accountable for my actions in the past; instead recognise her efforts to help me become a better man and do good on this floating rock."

The plea, however, has appeared to have fallen on deaf ears; one day after Logan's statement, at his joint press conference with KSI ahead of their boxing match on August 25th, KSI fans were heard shouting sexist chants about Chloe.