Everything We Learned In Logan Paul's 'Good Morning America' Interview

1 February 2018, 12:50 | Updated: 7 February 2018, 16:56

Logan Paul GMA Good Morning America video
Logan Paul GMA Good Morning America video. Picture: Other
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Logan sat down for a candid interview

This article is being constantly updated as the interview is transcribed.

Today Logan Paul sat down on 'Good Morning America' to talk openly about his infamous 'suicide forest video' and the backlash that followed. Here are the most notable exchanges:

"The idea was to just do another fun vlog"

The host asks Logan what he was thinking when he set out to make his 'suicide vlog' video. Logan says that:

"The idea was to make another fun vlog, go camp for a night and make an entertaining piece of content in a forest - and things obviously changed pretty drastically and pretty quickly."

When pressed on how he was able to film, edit and upload the video without feeling any reservations, Logan says that the aim was to generate conversation around suicide and suicide prevention.

He says he has been told to kill himself

Logan says he himself has had strangers tell him to kill himself, which he finds tragically ironic, given the nature of the video that got him in trouble in the first place (finding a dead body in a 'suicide forest').

He says he thinks "it happened for a reason"

Logan says that he believes the ordeal happened for a reason - and that reason is for him to learn a lesson and to spread awareness of suicide prevention. It is a curious way to frame the issue.

"I believe it happened for a reason and I think that reason is so I could take this experience, learn from it and spread the message the right way about suicide prevention."

The young age of his audience

When then interviewer asks about the fact that Logan's audience is generally young and impressionable, Logan argues that he doesn't really make videos with kids in mind and says that he instead makes videos for people his age.

However, he does admit that "I am much more aware of the effect that my actions have on myself and others" and suggests that he will be more mindful of who watches his videos in future.

"Parents should be monitoring what their kids are watching more"

When the host raises the issue of parents who are now feeling the need to more closely monitor what their children are watching online, Logan says he agrees.

He says he can't believe that parents with young kids allow them to surf YouTube completely freely.

But he adds that parents don't need to be wary of his videos: "it's not like I'm a bad guy, I'm a good guy who made a bad desicion".

He is asked about being dropped from Google Preferred

"I understand that they needed to take a stance and while I don't necessarily agree with it, I respect it." Logan said.

He adds that he has taken a big financial hit from his actions, but says that he tries not to focus on money and his main priority is simply making fun videos.

"Crisis passes"

He says 'crisis passes', which at first seems to be referring to his efforts around suicide prevention, but then appears to take a turn into his own difficulties following the backlash. Logan frames himself as a victim, saying that this has been a very hard time for him, and laments being "hated by the whole world".

"I can and will learn from it"

At the end of the interview, as he had throughout, Logan affirms that he wants to better himself and to change. He seems very set on not being caught in another scandal like this again.

"This was a horrible lapse of judgement."

Watch a clip of Logan Paul's interview with Good Morning America below: