Logan Paul tries to claw back public sympathy in eye-roll worthy new interview

1 November 2018, 17:11 | Updated: 1 November 2018, 17:17

logan paul hollywood reporter interview
Picture: Instagram: Logan Paul
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Here we go again, lads

Logan Paul is back at it again folks. The ever-controversial YouTuber is having yet another swing (his fifth by my count) at trying to get everyone to Stop Being Mad At Him Please.

This attempt comes in the form of a big mushy interview piece in the Hollywood Reporter, complete with a hilarious, sad photoshoot in which Logan tries to look both handsome and contrite at the same time.

The piece retreads ground we've seen before but there are a few nuggets that caught my eye, namely this tasty little segment, which discusses how Logan and his team attempted damage control after Logan went to Japan to be racist and film the recently deceased:

"His agents laid out the damage points to his career: "Valley Girl is being pushed," they told him. "YouTube's not releasing the Thinning sequel." Plans for his Axe-like Logan Paul body spray were put on hold as well. The best strategy the team could come up with was for Paul to film a suicide-prevention PSA."

Hold on a hot second... are you saying that Logan made that incredibly heartfelt and definitely-not-cynical suicide PSA not out of the pain in his soul, but because a team of professional agents put their heads together and worked out that it was the only way to claw back some public goodwill?

Well, colour me surprised. I am shocked. I am truly shocked. I need to sit down for a while and digest this because I cannot wrap my head around this.

The thing that shines brightest in this interview, despite all the best PR efforts of Logan and his presumably very expensive handlers, is that he just does not get it. He does not get it, folks! He has never got it. Maybe he never will. Look at this quote:

"I was so used to people liking me," he says. "But being hated? I hate it. I hate being hated!"

This is such surface level stuff. Logan personally admitted to having 'sociopathic tendencies' in a video response to Shane Dawson's documentary series about his brother Jake and - not in any way to play expert here, I am not one - this kind of language falls in line with the base typical traits of someone who has trouble understanding empathy.

The conversation is never about the man in Japan who took his own life and whom Logan filmed, or the sadness of that situation, or the pain of all the children who saw that footage - it's about how people used to be nice to him and now they're not nice to him and he doesn't like that.

And it doesn't matter how many stunt PSA's or magazine interviews or sad photoshoots he does - Logan is never going to be able to redeem himself unless he can comprehend why his behaviour is bad. That's the only way he can actually improve.