Logan Paul And KSI's Fight Is Officially Confirmed

19 March 2018, 11:33 | Updated: 11 June 2018, 10:20

Logan Paul and KSI confirm their boxing match
Picture: YouTube

By Josh Lee

The fight is booked and it's all about to go down. Here's all the details you need.

After several unedifying weeks of mud slinging and trash talking, Logan Paul and KSI have finally confirmed their boxing match. According to TalkSport.com, the two YouTubers will fight two separate matches to determine once and for all who is the manliest man of all time, or something like that.

Where and when is KSI and Logan Paul's boxing matches taking place?

One of the biggest obstacles to getting this highly anticipated fight off the ground has been the debate over where it should take place. With KSI's fans being mostly UK-based and Logan's being mostly US-based, it took some time to decide whether their bout in the ring should happen state-side or back in blighty. However, the pair have come up with a rather elegant (and more profitable) solution - have two fights.

According to the contract signed by KSI and Logan, there will be two boxing matches. One will be fought in the US (location TBC) at some point "prior to the end of February 2019, while the other will take place at Manchester Arena, UK, on August 25th 2018.