True Geordie Just DRAGGED Logan Paul After He Sabotaged Him

30 July 2018, 17:25

True Geordie and Logan Paul
True Geordie and Logan Paul. Picture: YouTube

By Josh Lee

Hell hath no fury like a Geordie scorned

Podcaster and YouTuber True Geordie (a.k.a Brian Davis) tore into Logan Paul in a new video after it emerged that he'd been blocked from commentating at the upcoming Logan Paul vs KSI boxing match - at Logan's request.

On July 29th, reports that Logan Paul had blocked True Geordie from commentating at the fight, which takes place in Manchester on August 25th, began to circulate after Logan posted a vlog accusing the Podcaster of "hating" him and being a biased moderator at July's pre-fight press conference.

It was then confirmed by an event organiser, who said that the decision to drop True Geordie had come from "Team Paul."

Responding to the news, Brian posted a video response of his own and reading Logan to filth in the process.

"The first time at the LA conference, we couldn't shut you up, Logan," Brian says, responding to Logan's accusation that he didn't ask him any question. "Nobody was waiting for questions at the first conference," he continues, "so why did you sit down like a good little boy and wait for questions at this one? Maybe it's because the crowd had you a little intimidated, mate. And I'm not even angry at that... but don't point the finger at me because you had a shit show.

"I don't hate him," Brian continues. "I nothing him"

Implying that Logan is manipulating the narrative for his own gain, Brian added, "I think you are becoming incredibly skilled at PR. You're painting yourself out as the victim, so that win or lose in this fight, you're still going to win at the end of the day. That shows you're a smart lad, you're thinking about every single outcome, and I respect that."

Watch Brian's full response below: