The date for Logan Paul and KSI’s rematch has been announced

15 August 2019, 13:56

KSI and Logan Paul
KSI and Logan Paul. Picture: YouTube: Logan Paul

By Staff

It's been a year since they last fought in Manchester.

It’s been almost a year to the day since we watched KSI and Logan Paul fight each other in a boxing ring in Manchester Arena.

The match between the two YouTubers was tense and ultimately declared a draw, leaving both of them (and also us) slightly disappointed that neither was crowned the overall winner.

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Since then, there’s been a lot of anticipation over when the re-match between the two might be and it looks like we might finally have an answer.

It seems the date of the rematch between Logan and KSI has been scheduled for 9th November. According to Lance Pugmire, a journalist at The Athletic, the re-match will take place on that date later this year at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn will apparently be involved in the return of the two YouTubers to the boxing ring, even though he previously said that YouTubers boxing makes his “skin crawl”.

Speaking to The Boxing Voice last year, Eddie said: "For me, I can't stand it. It makes my skin crawl but as a business, I think it's genius."

"As a fight fan and pure boxing man, I can't stand it. But as a business model and a commercial project I take my hat off to them and yeah, of course, I want to know the numbers."

The fight might have been a draw, but Logan Paul later said he still thought it was great as it showed a “couple of YouTubers changing the entertainment landscape."

He tweeted after the match: “I think the best part about the fight was that it was actually a GREAT show. It was entertaining AF, everyone put their heart & soul on the line, and we did it. Couple of youtubers changing the entertainment landscape. Let’s fkn go.”

KSI and Logan Paul managed to pull in 800,000 pay-per-view fans for last year’s event and they reportedly made around £40 million from last year’s match.