KSI and Logan Paul's next fight: date of rematch, venue and everything we know so far

3 January 2019, 12:34 | Updated: 3 January 2019, 12:36

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Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

KSI finally confirms when his Logan Paul rematch is happening

KSI has finally revealed some concrete details about his boxing rematch with fellow YouTuber Logan Paul and diehard fans will probably not be pleased.

It seems that the second match is proving a bit of a logistical nightmare, which isn't being helped by Logan's team, who have no exactly been the most proactive when it comes to getting the million moving pieces in order that it takes to stage an event like this.

So, when will the rematch fight happen?

Originally, KSI told BBC Radio 5 Live that he wanted to delay his boxing rematch against Logan Paul from the originally planned date of February 2019 until May 2019.

Now, in a new video, KSI says that the original February date will definitely not be reached due to slowness on the part of Paul's team when it comes to getting things in place. KSI now wants the fight to take place in November 2019, as he feels that gives both of them enough time to prepare, and have time to work on other independent projects.

What happened in the first fight?

KSI and Logan Paul, as I'm sure you will have heard, had a much-hyped boxing match in Manchester in August of 2018 which has resulted in the challenge of an epic rematch.

Before they stepped into the ring both their younger brothers (Jake and Deji) had a little swing at each other, resulting in a win (and a bloodied nose) for the loveable Jake Paul.

It was then that KSI and Logan entered the arena. Despite a large amount of pre-fight trash talk from each other, that fight ended in an almost perfect draw.

This meant that KSI retained his belt, but neither fighter was declared the winner (an extremely convenient turn of events considering they had already booked a second boxing match at that point but hey let's not worry about that now.)

Who really won the first KSI and Logan Paul fight?

Both Logan and KSI made videos in which they tried to argue that they had actually handily won the fight.

Now it seems that the only true way to know which of these two YouTubers is... better, I guess? Is that the point of this? What is the point of this?... The only way to know who the ultimate victor is is to have a boxing rematch, which is what is happening.

Where will the fight be held?

In the new video, KSI confirmed that the fight will indeed be taking place in the US, as promised. The initial deal the pair made seems to have been that one fight would take place in the UK and one in the US, so that each of the fighter's countries could be represented. With Manchester done and dusted, the States are next.

KSI says that he wants the fight to take place on the East Coast (preferably New York or Boston), as this will allow viewers in the UK to watch the fight at a reasonable time. However, he says that Logan's team want it on the West Coast (probably because that's where Logan lives), which KSI feels would make no sense for international viewers, due to the immense time differences.

Nothing has been set in stone yet, however.

Is KSI or Logan Paul likely to win?

With the pair coming to an almost exact draw this time around, despite KSI's home-crowd advantage, it's anyone's guess as to who will win the next fight. Logan may have a slight edge because he's on home soil - but who knows? Anything could happen.

We'll update you with all the latest information on the fight, as it becomes available.