Logan Paul blocks donations to a suicide prevention charity with copyright claim

4 June 2019, 12:48

Logan Paul
Logan Paul. Picture: Instagram: Logan Paul

By Staff

Logan admits he "really jumped the gun on that one..."

Logan Paul has come under fire for taking action against a video which was aiming to donate all of its earnings to a suicide prevention charity. Yep, you read that right.

As part of the latest development in the ongoing beef between KSI and Deji, KSI posted a video yesterday, finally responding to the claims of abuse made by his brother Deji.

Responding to previous claims made by Deji that his brother mistreated him in various ways, KSI followed through on his promise to make a response video and over the course of almost one hour and twenty minutes, he goes through each of Deji’s accusations point-by-point and gives his side of the story.

KSI also pledged to give the money he makes from the video to suicide prevention charities. “Personally I don’t think content like this should be monetised,” he said. “However, I’m going to be putting ads across this video and putting all the money made from this video and giving it to various suicide prevention charities.”

But that’s not the most controversial part of the story. Surprisingly, Logan Paul made a copyright claim on KSI’s video, assumedly because the video used short clips of Deji’s appearance on Logan’s Impaulsive podcast.

“If you don't see ads, it's because it's being claimed by Logan Paul's network,” KSI wrote, attaching a screenshot from his YouTube account saying that a ‘dispute is in progress’ with the video. To which Logan replied ‘FUCK U PUSSY’ in a since-deleted tweet.

Logan Paul
Logan Paul. Picture: Twitter: @loganpaul

The problem? Logan apparently didn’t originally realise the money from the video was going towards suicide prevention - something that doesn’t exactly look great, considering his previous controversy last year, where he posted a video of an apparent suicide victim in a Japanese forest.

The results of a video being in copyright dispute could include advertisement revenues taking a hit or a video being removed entirely. This means that some of the money that would have been made by KSI’s video and given to charity now probably won’t make it.

Logan has since apologised for making the claim, writing on Twitter: “really jumped the gun on that one... I’ll make sure the automatic claim is removed. KSI still a pussy tho”. No word yet on whether he's planning to make up for the lost charity money though.