Logan Paul says he wants to leave YouTube and do THIS instead

25 March 2019, 12:46

logan paul leaving youtube
Picture: YouTube: Logan Paul
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

"I don’t want to be a youtuber for the rest of my life. F*** that."

Logan Paul, the controversial YouTube who is known for, well, more nonsense than we can quickly recount in an opening sentence, has teased that he may be looking to move away from YouTube - a decision that may be welcomed by the creator's many critics.

Logan, who recently grabbed headlines when he (for some reason) released a feature-length documentary about Flat Earthers - which may or may not have contained a cameo appearance from our very own video series YouTuber News - posted a lengthy message to his Insta story, in which he pondered his future on the platform.

Logan said:

"Youtube’s dope. internet based content is awesome. but i have a veeeeeery deep desire to do MORE.

Stand-up comedy. music. directing films. writing. i’m just stuck in a loop where my stupid millenial brain is so satisfied with the instant gratification that social media provides.

Post a vlog. get views. post a pic. get likes… it’s like i’ve been conditioned to lack the patience of investing in the deeper art of entertainment. Do i continue making internet shit? or do i take 1-2 years of low character building to become a super entertainer?

I don’t want to be a youtuber for the rest of my life. F*** that. in fact, i think being a “youtuber” is whack… it’s a very limiting pigeonhole that will not provide the longevity of stardom i’m looking for.


Logan Paul instagram screenshot
Picture: Instagram: Logan Paul

Well, that's a lot to digest.

So it seems like Logan may be growing weary of the 'YouTuber' label and looking to move on to be a movie director, or a stand up comedian - because of course you can just casually do that. That's how life works, you can just suddenly become a movie director if you want, don't worry about it.

It's not surprising that Logan may be looking for a new path; his time on YouTube has been something of a bumpy ride. The YouTuber had a meteoritic rise to online fame, which was quickly followed by a series of controversies which culminated in the creator facing international condemnation after filming the body of a suicide victim in Japan.

Logan has struggled to improve his image following the incident, mainly because he has barely tried. But with the success of his new podcast and his ever-profitable merch business, it wouldn't be shocking to see Logan retiring his vlogging camera once and for all.

What do you think of Logan's little speech? Would you miss him? Would YouTuber ever be the same without him?