Logan Paul Has A New Mansion And The Pictures Are Unbelievable

23 October 2017, 11:31 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 13:40

Logan Paul house

By Benedict Townsend

Come and take a peek inside

Logan Paul has moved into a brand new house - the so-called 'Maverick House', and it's safe to say that it's pretty damn lavish. Logan Paul posted a snappy, concise twenty eight minute video showing viewers around the house and we have picked out some of the highlights:

Take a look at this place

logan paul house

We start at the heavy-duty gate

Perfect for preventing the kinds of privacy issues that have dogged other YouTubers.

logan paul house

This ladder bookcase room

Logan says that they are going to convert this room into a studio and make 'so many bangers' in it.

logan paul house

A glass door that leads to the garden

 logan paul house

Loads of open-plan space

logan paul mansion

 Tons of space


Wine storage

Vitally important.


This astronaut artwork


An office


A secret passage (to the laundry room)


A sitting room (complete with bar)


And can we talk about that pool?



There's also an extra little house in the garden



You can see the full video here: