Plus Size Model Calls Out Logan Paul For Using Her As A 'Human Bicycle' In Video

27 March 2018, 10:57 | Updated: 27 March 2018, 11:52

logan paul no handlebars
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Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

No, seriously

A plus size model has criticised Logan Paul, after he sat on her as a 'human bicycle' during a music video shoot. Eliza Johnson says she regrets taking part in the experience and says she felt "kind of abused".

The interview was conducted, quite bizarrely, by 'Psychology Today', who are apparently joining the rest of online media in trying to get a slice of the Logan Paul news pie. The video in question is 'No Handlebars', which Logan released in November of 2017.

Eliza appears to state that she was not told in advance that Logan would be sitting on top of her for long periods of time, saying that "it’s rare that you’re on set and they just throw something at you" and adding the opinion that "con artists do things like that."

She goes onto say: "I reached my breaking point after the sixth take and my legs were giving out. I was so physically exhausted, I wasn’t even able to process what was going on."

She closes by saying "A lot of the actresses and models out there need to realize that if something isn’t right, we need to speak up, and we have every right to leave the set if somebody’s going to use you as a tool to promote something that doesn’t align with our ideals". And on Logan himself, she says "I would just like for him to start thinking for himself, if that’s possible. Because I don’t know him enough to say that he’s a bad person or that it was his idea or anything like that, but I would say he needs to take a look at what he’s representing and what his demographic is and what he’s feeding to all of these people."

When pressed on whether the fact she is a plus size model affected the choice to have Logan sit on her, Eliza says "I think it was a commentary, I really do. “Here’s the biggest person, and I’m just gonna use this and make a mockery of everything.” She also notes that she was apparently paid less than the other, non-plus size models, saying "I think my rate was 200 or 400, and another model mentioned she was getting paid 600 or something like that". She says she was told this was because some of them were "video bloggers" and so required a higher rate. In the end, however, she says the issue of pay was sorted out.

You can read the full interview here.