This Is How Many Subscribers Logan Paul GAINED After The Suicide Forest Controversy

4 January 2018, 14:32 | Updated: 7 February 2018, 12:15

Logan Paul
Logan Paul. Picture: Logan Paul

By Josh Lee

This is seriously just WEIRD.

In a surprising and yet, somehow, not that surprising turn of events, Logan Paul's subscriber count experienced a huge leap following his widely condemned "suicide forest" vlog.

Fellow creators and fans alike criticised Logan after he shared a vlog containing footage of a suicide victim's body, which had been found in Japan's "Aokigahara" - sometimes known as "suicide forrest," because of the unusually high number of suicide victims found there.

But despite the widespread criticism, Logan's subscriber count appears to have benefited from the bad publicity. While he gained fewer subscribers than usual on the day the controversy hit mainstream attention (just 17,111), he went on to gain a whopping 81,114 subscribers, which is far higher than his usual daily subscriber increase. Take a look at the graph below (using data from VidStatsX) to see the sharp rise.

Logan Paul's Daily Subscribers
Logan Paul's Daily Subscribers. Picture: VidStatsX

While Logan now has almost 100,000 new subscribers to his channel, they may have to wait a while to see anything from him, as he announced today that he would be taking a break from vlogging "to reflect" on the situation.