Is Logan's Paul's New Suicide Prevention Vlog About Saving Lives Or Saving Face?

25 January 2018, 11:35 | Updated: 25 January 2018, 11:38

Logan Paul returns to YouTube suicide prevention vlog
Logan Paul returns to YouTube. Picture: YouTube // Logan Paul

By Josh Lee

The internet is questioning Logan Paul's motives after he returned to YouTube with an important suicide prevention message.

Yesterday evening, Logan Paul returned to YouTube after a three-week break, following huge backlash against a vlog he shared to YouTube that contained footage of a suicide victim's body. Striking a far more serious tone than his previous videos, Logan met with people who had attempted to take their own lives to help shed light on mental illness and suicide, before pledging to donate $1,000,000 to various suicide charities.“It’s time to learn from the past as I get better and grown as a human being," Paul says in the video. But while most are agreed that a well thought out video about suicide prevention and sizeable donation are both positive moves, opinion is split over whether Logan's video is a sincere first step towards doing better, or just a well-calculated PR move. Despite a pledge from Logan to "start a new chapter in my life," some aren't convinced that there will be any meaningful change after this video. .

For many, Logan's video was seen as a positive first step in what needs to be a much longer process.

Japanese-Australian YouTuber Joey Byzinger described Logan's video and donation as a "fantastic first step," but pointed out that Logan never apologised for the rest of his trip to Japan, which was deemed to be cultural insensitive by many.

YouTuber and actor Jimmy Wong echoed Joey's sentiments, saying that the video "is only the first step in a very long journey in responsibility and maturity."

"We're all watching and waiting to see what you do next" Jimmy added.

Others focussed on the potential positive impact of Logan's video.

Logan Paul just regained my respect after that video," said YouTuber Ethan Rylett. Another YouTuber, Reev, said that Logan's video showed he was using his platform for "genuine good." "Whether you like him or not, that video will save lives," Reev added.

And some were completely unconvinced by his video

Social media personality Jordan Coombe described Logan as "fake" and accused him of "using suicide to save his career," while YouTuber Ollie McKendrick implied that the serious tone of Logan's video was disingenuous: "You can tell Logan Paul has matured a lot in the last few weeks because his latest video contains slow mo footage of him washing his hands, something he has only recently learned how to do," he wrote.