YouTube is being called out for Logan Paul's controversial new film

19 October 2018, 17:01

Logan Paul The Thinning
Logan Paul The Thinning. Picture: Getty

By Chandni Sembhi

Viewers have been complaining that Logan Paul has been allowed to have content on YouTube Red, despite his controversies.

Logan Paul is definitely one of the most controversial YouTubers around. Earlier this year, he got into a lot of trouble for visiting Japan and being insensitive to their culture, and filming a dead body in the 'suicide forest'. Because of this, YouTube demonetised his content, and delayed the release of his YouTube Red film, The Thinning: New World Order, a sequel to 2016's The Thinning.

Now, his channel has ads again and The Thinning: New World Order has been released, much to the dismay of many viewers. People aren't happy that YouTube has given Logan Paul a platform, and allowed him back to YouTube Red. Especially because PewDiePie's YouTube Red show, 'Scare PewDiePie' is still cancelled, even though Logan's controversies were more recent. The general consensus is that if they cancelled PewDiePie's show, they should cancel Logan's too.

Because of this, some people are refusing to watch the film.

And others have used the opportunity to make jokes about Logan.

The Thinning: New World Order IMDB page
The Thinning: New World Order IMDB page trolls Logan. Picture: IMDB

One person has come forward in defence of YouTube, saying is wasn't their decision to cancel PewDiePie's show (which, if this is true, means that they would have happily allowed a YouTuber with a well documented history of racial slurs to have a premium show but okay). This user says 'Scare PewDiePie' was cancelled because the rights were owned by external companies who decided to terminate their contract with PewDiePie, not that YouTube cancelled the show.

Others have said the movie was made before the suicide forest video, and YouTube didn't want to lose all the money they'd already spent on the film.

What do you think of YouTube releasing The Thinning: New World Order? Should they? Or should Logan still be penalised for him offensive behaviour?