YouTube CEO Defends Not Banning Logan Paul

13 February 2018, 11:19 | Updated: 13 February 2018, 12:33

YouTube CEO Susan Wijcicki and Logan Paul
YouTube CEO Susan Wijcicki and Logan Paul. Picture: YouTube

By Josh Lee

Logan's behaviour in recent weeks has been met with widespread condemnation

YouTube's CEO Susan Wojcicki has defended the platform's decision to not ban Logan Paul after creators and viewers alike called for his account to be suspended following his controversial "suicide forest" vlog.

Speaking at the Code Media conference in California yesterday, Wojcicki said that channel bans can only be handed to users if they violate content policies.

Explaining that they "terminate accounts all the time," Wojcicki said that channels that share hate speech, violent activities or private information without consent are regularly pulled from the website. But in the case of Logan Paul, neither his suicide forest vlog, or a more recent video in which he tasered a dead rat, were content policy violations that warranted such action.

“What you think is tasteless other people might not think is tasteless [so] we need to have consistent rules,” Wojcicki said, explaining why Logan was allowed to keep his channel.

While Logan was not banned from YouTube, he was removed from the platform's Preferred Partner programme and had his YouTube Red projects put on hold. And following condemnation from PETA after he tasered a dead rat in a vlog, monetisation was suspended on his account.

Reaffirming YouTube's pledge to hire 10,000 people to check creator content for for inappropriate material, Wojcicki said, “It’s really important to see where are you drawing the line. On one side is censorship and on the other side is too much freedom.

"You can go too far and censor content that is really important for the world to see. Where do you draw those lines? You need to go to the experts. You need to talk to the experts and you need to determine how to do this globally.”