Louise Pentland Speaks Out About Chris Ingham Allegations

10 July 2018, 11:23

Louise Pentland
Louise Pentland. Picture: Various

By Josh Lee

Louise Pentland has spoken out following allegations of misconduct surrounding family YouTuber Chris Ingham.

On July 2nd, a 16-year-old fan of the Ingham Family accused Chris of messaging her inappropriately, and allegedly encouraging her to meet him late at night on her own.

While Chris has denied the allegations, the story has sparked a conversation about how YouTubers should engage with their younger fans - a conversation that Louise has weighed in on.

Saying that she's been "disturbed" by the allegations, Louise, who has two young children herself, urged her under-18 fans to contact children's charity NSPCC if they ever feel uncomfortable around an adult YouTuber.

"I'm so upset by the things I've read this [sic] last few days and I've debated whether to 'keep out of it' or speak up but I just feel that we as 'influencers'... sometimes need to use our platform to help and support our often young audiences."

She continued: "So here I am, trying to be respectful, trying not to shame anyone. If what I have read is all untrue then that's really good in this case but unfortunately it does go on in other cases and I'd like to give you hugs and point you to professional support systems."