Manny Mua's Documentary About Himself Is Being Savaged By Viewers

11 October 2018, 10:40

manny mua documentary comments
Picture: YouTube: Manny Mua
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

15,000 dislikes later, it seems like Manny Mua's documentary about himself may not have been a good idea

Manny Mua returned to YouTube recently to announce that he would be addressing his various YouTube dramas by making a Shane Dawson-style documentary... about himself.

This bizarre gambit has - shockingly - not proven particularly popular with viewers, who have disliked the video en masse (at the time of writing, part one of the doc sits at a tasty ratio of 19K likes to 15K dislikes.)

Some of the top comments on the video label it boring, with the top comment (at the time of writing) simply stating 'I honestly fell asleep while watching this'. Ouch.

Other top comments include:

- "Shawn Dawson rip off with the editing."

- "When you like Jake Paul more than Manny."

- "The comments are more entertaining than the actual "documentary"."

- "The cringe is reallllll."

- "There's a difference between making a few mistakes and "slip ups" but when your whole personality and being is the root cause of these "mistakes," then that's something else. Your actions are a reflection of who you are."

And, perhaps most pointedly:

- "Some youtubers get put on blast and they all of a sudden suffer from mental illness. Then they decide to post about what they're going through AFTER they've been put on blast but when they were living there best lives in different states/countries partying it up they weren't suffering from anything and never bothered to shine a light on people who really do suffer from mental illness. Like really this is getting old. If you got put on blast just sincerely apologize and move on, go ghost on everyone if you're really going through it. There's no need to keep talking about what you are now going through after you're put on blast. Whatever you're doing now looks like its for attention and not sincere at all. 😴😴😴😴."

Manny disagreed with comparisons to Shane

Of course not all the reactions were bad

Some fans rushed to Manny's defence.

- "I don’t understand why people are hating him so much."

- "The negative comments & negativity towards Manny is absolutely disgusting and heartbreaking. This is literally inhumane. Manny I love you & you are absolutely amazing."

What do you make of Manny's video? Do you think this was it, chief? Or do you think that this was not it, chief?