Manny MUA and Patrick Starr are being accused of stealing an MUA's editing style

27 August 2019, 17:35

Manny Mua / Patrick Starr
Manny Mua / Patrick Starr. Picture: Instagram: @patrickstarrr / Instagram: @mannymua733

By Staff

They've been accused of copying Chelsie Worthy, aka Wvrthy.

Manny MUA and Patrick Starr have been accused of copying the editing style of beauty influencer Chelsie Worthy, aka @wvrthy

Chelsie’s videos began going viral in 2017 after she started uploading videos she dubbed ‘Traptorials’ - basically beauty tutorials set to high energy music that feature creative graphics as well as plenty of movement.

A professional video editor by trade and the founder of beauty brand Wvrthy, which specialises in highlighters for women of colour, Chelsie’s videos have given a much needed creative and experimental dimension to the sometimes boring nature of beauty videos.

Chelsie posted her latest tutorial, set to a soundtrack of Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj’s 'Hot Girl Summer', on Saturday (24th August), encouraging viewers to donate to help the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest fires.

They were quickly followed a day or so later by new videos from Manny MUA and Patrick Starr, which look… suspiciously similar.

And now her fans are calling out the two YouTubers and asking them to credit Chelsie for her work.

“It’s disgusting how you blatantly used @wvrthy ideas and gave her 0 credit. Do better. Because I remember when you weren’t getting the credit you deserved working behind those MAC counters. Show some respect!,” one wrote to Patrick Starr.

Another wrote to Manny: “[Manny MUA] literally jacked @wvrthy entire VIDEO and style within a 24 hr period of her posting hers.... I’m disgusted at how these large influencers steal from up and coming BLACK & BROWN influencers.”

They’ve also started the hashtag #WeStandWithWvrthy in support of her work.

Chelsie has shared a message, explaining that having her work copied without credit has had her “slip into the deepest depression”.

“People always ask me why I don’t post my videos as much. It’s because the beauty industry has made it PAINFULLY CLEAR that I’m not what or WHO they are looking for despite me being the person who CREATED this ENTIRE editing style,” she wrote.

“I get it, who wants a ‘girl like me to be the front on anything, right? I wanna say I am so thankful to everyone who continues to support me because this has caused me to slip into the DEEPEST depression.”

She added: “I’m not sending ANY hate to Manny, his work is beautiful. I’m saying it hurts knowing that I will always be second best despite being the originator and the person who sparks the light bulb.”

Patrick Starr and Manny MUA have not publicly addressed Chelsie’s message yet, although Manny has now added Chelsie’s @wvrthy handle to his Instagram post of the video.