Fans Are Calling Out Manny Mua For His Return To YouTube

8 October 2018, 12:02

manny mua where I've been youtube return
Picture: YouTube: Manny Mua
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Manny announced that he is making a documentary series about... himself

Manny Mua has finally returned to YouTube after a seemingly endless (and endlessly tedious) series of YouTube scandals involving him and the beauty community. For a full rundown of this maddeningly complex web of tea, check out our explainer here.

In typical beauty YouTuber style, Manny's grand return to the 'tubes was not without controversy. Instead of coming back to the site and simply apologising for his shady antics, Manny instead posted an eight minute (nice and snappy) video in which he hit all the major apology video clichés ('this video is so hard to make', 'my anxiety has been bad', 'I'M the real victim when you think about it') and then made a rather bizarre announcement.

You see, Manny has decided that the best way to get everything all cleared up is with a documentary series... about himself. Yes Manny has had a camera follow him around and will apparently be granting viewers unprecedented access into his life. The fact that this coincides with Shane Dawson also launching a wildly successful documentary series that got him millions of views is purely coincidental, so don't worry about that.

Some viewers aren't happy

Viewers took issue with Manny not just posting a conventional apology and also for his plan to release videos about himself. "Is he really making a docu about himself now? Ohmygod I can't with him ever", wrote one person. While another added: "Do not use anxiety as an excuse!!! YOU made a mistake... maybe you have anxiety but don’t use it as an excuse!!!!!!!!! It makes the people who genuinely have anxiety look stupid."

What do you make of Manny's video? Do you think people are being too harsh on him or do you think they have a point?