Here's Marcus Butler Pulling The Exact Same Face 109 Times

28 September 2016, 16:10 | Updated: 6 November 2017, 09:37

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

This face can't be unseen.

Sometimes YouTubers are known for their excellent gaming skills, unbelievable makeup talent or the way they can cover absolutely any song and still sound majestic. Well, whilst we're certain that Marcus Butler has millions of hidden abilities and talents, there's one thing we can't stop noticing and it's quickly becoming his own unique skill - he can't stop pulling the exact same face!

Here is the Twitter post that made us notice this weird trend of his...

One very sleuthy and dedicated individual on Twitter, who goes by the name @mbbthequeen, has been keeping a very beady eye on Marcus since the 18th of May 2016 to lookout for this infamous face. Not only has she proved outright that this is Marcus' favourite face, but she's proved it with over 100 pictures! Now, we can't share all 109 pictures of his face on our website because that much beauty would only crash the system, plus we don't wanna take all the credit away from the true hero, @mbbthequeen.

Instead, we've taken 16 of our favourite pictures for you to see right here, but make sure you head over to her Twitter to see the rest of the collection!


Yup, here's Marcus pulling that face four more times.


Wow, even this picturesque snap of Marcus isn't safe from his grin.


Never mind the glasses and disheveled hair - he's back at it again with the weird smile!


It looks like Snapchat sees this smile the most... poor thing was never ready.


Bright lights, big face!


Not sure about hype man... same smile man sounds more like it.


This may be the last picture in this article, but you're only a tenth of the way through the masterpost. Remember to go to Twitter to see the full collection!


If you want to check out the rest of the Marcus Butler face masterpost, go check out Shivanie on Twitter and send her some love! And while you're still here, make sure you check out our latest video - we collaborated with the new Miss Peregrine's School For Peculiar Children to show you what it's like have a peculiar squad.