YouTuber Marina Joyce found "safe and well" after disappearing for nine days

12 August 2019, 16:33

Marina Joyce on YouTube.
Marina Joyce on YouTube. Picture: Marina Joyce via YouTube.

By Jazmin Duribe

The YouTuber will be addressing the situation in a new video.

Marina Joyce has been found after going missing for several days, leaving her fans extremely worried for her safety.

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Last week (9 Aug), charity Missing People appealed for Marina to get in touch after she disappeared from Haringey, London, on 31 July.

Haringey police also appealed for more information on her whereabouts on Twitter. They tweeted: "Can you help to find Marina Joyce, 22, missing from #Haringey? Last seen on 31Jul and reported missing to police on 7Aug. Call 101 and quote 19MIS031063 with any info."

Fans were extremely worried about Marina, especially following an incident in 2016, which saw her seemingly whisper "help me" in one of her date night videos.

Further confusion was added when her boyfriend Brandon Mehmed confirmed she was "safe" on Instagram, despite the fact that the police looking for her.

"This is a temporary post to send a message to everyone worried for Marina," he wrote on Instagram. "Everything is being dealt with in a professional manner. Please don’t worry about her as she is safe and well (you have my word for that).

"Also everyone who thinks I’m acting 'suspicious' are only misinformed and don’t know me at alllll. Goodnight people."

In the caption, Brandon added: "I was going to leave it but I think too many people want an explanation but this is as much as I can give."

Missing People have now confirmed that Marina has been found, while Marina's boyfriend has released a statement and said all will be explained on her YouTube channel at a later date.

"Marina wants to make a video soon explaining all of this because it became a bit too much what with everyone thinking I’m a suspect and all," Brandon wrote on Instagram. I'm so sorry to everyone that I confused, I could only say what I knew last night.

"I knew she was safe because I spoke to her 24/7 and I wasn’t withholding any information, this hasn’t been an easy time for Marina and I hope you guys can respect her privacy for the next day or two until she releases a video to explain everything. ‘I just know that no matter what I say, it’ll get turned against me and that’s completely fine because I know I’m a good person and I only mean well (especially for Marina).

"You truly have no leg to stand on when you’re dealing with the internet but I hope this can help put things to rest.

"You'll get your proof that she is safe when she uploads."