Here's a Video Of Markiplier Kicking The Sh*t Out Of A Wall

3 October 2016, 11:49 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:20

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

He REALLY goes for it...

We're not even clickbaiting you. Today, we have a video of Markiplier literally kicking the bejesus out of a wall for absolutely no reason that we could find through watching the whole clip. But it looks like Markiplier attends the surprise birthday party of Matthias from Hi5 Studios, eats all the popcorn and just starts kicking a wall to shreds.

So for context, the folks over at Hi5 Studios decided to throw a surprise warehouse party for Matthias and invited along some friends to play beer pong and sing happy birthday. Amongst the guest list was Markiplier, who claimed to "only be there for the food"... but little does he know that fate has actually brought him together with a wall that needed a good seeing to. You can see the fight from 10"45, where Mark's foot actually goes straight through.

Now, call me an idiot, but I can't figure out why this wall is being beaten TF up, but by the end of Markiplier's effort it's not a wall anymore; it's just a white area with a gaping hole in the middle. *insert HERE'S JOHNNY joke right here*

Oh, and don't worry if you want to relive this magical moment over 10 million more times, because that's totally not a problem. Some wonderful person over on Tumblr has actually GIF'd the whole kicking situation, just in case you want to have this moment isolated and put on repeat for the rest of your literal life.

(PS. Can we talk about how adorable this idiot is?)


We'd like to send our condolences to the wall; no one deserves to have Markiplier repetitively kick them in the face. But while you're all here, make sure you check out our two brand new original videos in which we share how peculiar the Unicorns staff team are.