If You Like Markiplier, You'll LOVE These GameTubers

12 January 2016, 15:03 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:13

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Boy do we have some recommendations for you.

We get it, there literally isn't enough Markiplier in the entire world. You want more of him and quite frankly, it's just not possible. You've already exhausted all the fan-fiction, seen every animated recreation of his videos and have even taken to refreshing Instagram every minute to see new images of him. Now what?!

Well, we've broken down Mark's iconic YouTube channel into five key elements, and from these we will recommend some YouTube channels that may ease that Mark itch whilst you're waiting for more content.


  • That beautifully smooth voice...

Markiplier is an excellent YouTuber, sure. But we can guarantee that you hit subscribe the second he opened his beautiful mouth and started to talk. Thankfully, he's not the only YouTuber in the world with a gorgeously silky tone to his voice box, as you can see from TotalBiscuit below.

John's legendary commentary and analysis on indie games have earned him quite a following. His voice, though as chocolatey and delicious as Mark, is slightly more critical and harsh. But he was runner-up in the 2012 Golden Joystick awards for Greatest YouTube Gamer, losing only to YogsCast, so that has to mean something!


  • Mark's love for survival horror video games...

As seen from the multitude of Freddy playthrough's amongst all the other jump-scare titles, Mark is a big fan of survival horror games. we've all grown accustomed to seeing Mr Plier jump out of his skin regularly on camera, so this new YouTuber could be very refreshing - it's NorthernLion!

Whilst you never see Lion, his enthusiasm for beloved survival horror game The Binding Of Isaac places him as a must subscribe. For long term fans of YouTubers, it is a dream come true to encounter another creator that truly LOVES what they do, and Northern clearly LOVES Isaac. Watch his playthrough below and let us know what you think!


  • The game changing 'Drunk Minecraft' series...

If there's anything in the world we love more than Markiplier, it's drunk Markiplier playing Minecraft. So on this exact thread, we've discovered another YouTube creator who likes to get severely intoxicated and play games for our pleasure.

Meet Alli and her first attempt at playing Mortal Kombat whilst drunk - it makes for ridiculous results ofc. Our favourite part is when they freak out over the menu having so many options. It's literally like a mirror image of our drunk self.


  • He's a big time indie gamer...

Indie games have come to mean one thing in recent years - how many times a YouTuber can say 'WTF??!" whilst playing one of your games. We know Marki-Moo is a big fan of strange, indie games so we've done some research and discovered this wonderful YouTuber who has taken this weird style of gameplay even further... it's NerdCubed!

Below is not just a video of someone playing a Bus Simulator, but a 45 minute long video of an individual fail horrifically at trying to drive a double decker. If this is the very first video you've seen of NerdCubed, then you're welcome.


  • Mark knows how to nail sketch comedy...

As seen with his variety of characters, Mark is a true comedy genius. Either as Wilford Warfstache or Darkiplier, the Internet is now officially full of Mark's alter-ego's and painfully funny comedy videos. So if your favourite thing about Mr Moo are his sketch comedy videos, you're about to find a new fave in VideoGames (best channel name ever).

The video below is an impressively edited and produced sketch of 'Minecraft Mods In Real Life'. It's a video we've watched nearly a million times and it's officially time you should of seen it as well.


If these YouTubers weren't enough for you, please appreciate this gif. We love you.