People are slamming the high prices of Markiplier and Jacksepticeye's new clothing brand

22 October 2018, 11:30

cloak clothing expensive markiplier jacksepticeye
Picture: YouTube: Markiplier
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Would you pay these prices?

Markiplier and Jacksepticeye have unveiled the new secret project that they have been teasing - a new collaborative clothing brand called 'Cloak'. However the announcement has not been without controversy, as fans have fixated more on the pricing than the style of the clothes.

Talking about 'Cloak', Mark says "clothes that wasn't just screaming it's name at the top of its lungs, clothes that we would be proud to wear, clothes that we would be proud of where it came from, of who it represented and who it was for - and more specifically it's for you."

He emphasises that he and Jack and their team wanted the clothing to be "subtle" and "something that didn't have huge branding". He notes how "shocking" it is to be find subtle clothing these days.

The range includes hoodies, sweatshirts, T-Shirts and more. You can preorder items here.

But the prices have people pressed...

The T-shirts in the range are selling for $35 and the hoodies for $80.

markiplier models the hoodie
Markiplier models the hoodie. Picture: YouTube: Markiplier
A Cloak T-shirt
A Cloak T-shirt. Picture: Cloak

The top comments on Mark's announcement video are dominated by people not being able to quite believe how expensive the Cloak items seem to be.

One of the top comments states:

"Mark, I believe you're sincere in this endeavor (sic), but there's a fine line between being subtle and being lazy. We're talking about a monochrome hoodie with five letters that you can barely see in a default Microsoft Word font, occasionally with a couple parallel lines. If you were supporting an artist or designer who had made something really incredible, and they were getting paid per sale, I would be more inclined to support this, but literally anyone could have made this design in five minutes. I could probably get the exact same thing from someone who makes "Your Text Here" clothes for half the price, if that."

This was a view that seemed to be mirrored by a lot of other commenters:

youtube comments markiplier jacksepticeye cloak
Picture: YouTube

But the complaints don't appear to have affected sales, which Mark reported have been fantastic:

What do you make of this? Do you think the clothing prices are unfair, or have you already copped some?