Markiplier Just Shared A Photo Of Him In His Underwear And You're Gonna Need A Damn Minute

27 December 2017, 12:04

Markiplier shirtless
Markiplier. Picture: Instagram

By Josh Lee

It's the Christmas present we've all been waiting for

Everyone who knows Markiplier knows he's never shy when it comes to stripping down. But we're pretty sure this is one of, if not the most naked snaps he's ever shared. It's a Christmas miracle.

But the reason behind Markiplier's latest underwear pic is actually cute as frig

It turns out that the gaming YouTuber was in fact recreating a super sweet childhood photo. Mark called his present-day recreation "horrifying," but as far as we're concerned it's the Christmas gift of the year. And the original is just about the cutest thing we ever saw, so it's really a win-win all round.

BEHOLD!! The greatest picture of me ever taken! Circa 1999?

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