Nick Crompton Reveals Martinez Twins LIED About Jake Paul

4 October 2018, 15:26

Nick Crompton, Martinez Twins, Jake Paul
Picture: Instagram and YouTube

By Chandni Sembhi

Shane Dawson revealed in his latest documentary that Jake Paul's pranks that caused the Martinez Twins to leave Team 10 were fake.

Remember when Team 10 were one big happy family? Ah, those were the days. Famous YouTuber Jake Paul had no beef with his YouTube pals, the Martinez Twins, and life was good. Then the Martinez Twins left Team 10, followed by most of the other members. The twins then released a video explaining why they left, citing bullying and harassment at the hands of Jake Paul. A main reason was the constant pranks which often seemed to go too far.

Everyone felt sorry for them... Until yesterday when our fave documentary-making YouTuber, Shane Dawson, released 'The Enemies of Jake Paul', the latest in his docu-series focused on the problematic character. In a chat with ex-Team 10 member Nick Crompton, it was revealed that the pranks that caused them to leave were all FAKE and pre-planned. Nick claimed that everyone knew they were about to be pranked, and what the pranks were.

This is the complete opposite to what the twins said. One of their Team 10 house horror stories was them having to sleep in the living room for a while because Jake trashed their bedroom as a prank. Nick claims that the bedroom they trashed was fake. He said that morning they had all gone to Home Depot and built a fake bedroom in their living room specifically to ruin for that video.

Some people doubt Nick's comments, saying he's lying to get back into Jake's good books.

Others were focused on the possibility of the Martinez twins lying.

Whatever you choose to believe, it's a MASSIVE BOMBSHELL.

Nick claimed that they couldn't reveal the pranks were fake because fans would be outraged, and Jake would lose a lot of followers. That makes sense, but it opens a whole other can of worms: IF THE PRANKS WERE FAKE WHY DID THE MARTINEZ TWINS LEAVE? WHY DID THEY LIE TO EVERYONE? MAYBE THEY'RE TELLING THE TRUTH? IS NICK LYING?

The twins uploaded an entire video, almost half an hour long, talking about how Jake treated them and why they left. Watch it below:

Although, Nick had no reason to lie, he's said he wants to stay out of drama. It's all a little bit shifty and we need more information. The tweet below is pretty much how I'm feeling.

What do you think about this drama? Who do you believe? Let us know!