Jake Paul Accused Of Pressuring Martinez Twins Into "Assaulting Each Other"

14 November 2017, 11:58

Jake Paul Martinez twins
Jake Paul with the Martinez twins. Picture: Other

By Josh Lee

The Martinez Twins also accused Jake Paul of racism and harassment in an explosive new video.

Ivan and Emilio Martinez have accused Jake Paul of a string of allegations, including harassment, racism and coercing the twins into performing an act that they have described as "assault."

Yesterday, the Martinez twins shared a video to YouTube in which they accused Team 10 leader Jake Paul of being a "bully"

Today, the brothers - who are originally from Spain - uploaded a second video, detaling the incidents they say they were subjected to during their time in Team 10.

Harassment allegations

While members of Team 10 are known for pranking each other in the house they share, the Martinez twins accuse Jake of picking on them in particular during their time in the house. "We were the only ones getting pranked," they allege in the video, as footage of them being handcuffed while asleep and even woken up with a taser plays. Ivan also accuses Jake Paul of punching him in the head.

"We were scared to sleep," a caption on the video reads.

The Harassment continued off camera too. The twins claim that Jake wouldn't allow them any privacy in the house; and when they moved house to get some privacy Jake "got mad" and destroyed a wall of art made by the Martinez Twins' fans.

Racism allegations

The Martinez twins have also accused Jake Paul of racism, claiming that he called them "beaners" - a racist term for a Mexican person - and used the term to mock their surname by calling them "Marteaners."

Coercion allegations

The twins also accuse Jake of pressuring them into performing acts on each other that they were not comfortable with. They allege that after they refused to engage in - and there's no dignified way to say this - dry-humping each other, Jake Paul promised it would bring them more followers before calling them "pussies" until they gave in.

"Jake always gets what he wants. He will manipulate you into doing what he wants," a caption in the video reads.

Witholding money

Finally, the Martinez twins accuse Jake of not allowing them to send money to Spain to help their family. What's more, they say Team 10 lied about them being unable to open a bank account to keep their earnings in. According to the video, the twins were told they were unable to take out a bank account because they didn't have visas, when it's legal to open an account in LA without a visa.

"They were lying to us to have their money," Emilio said.

Jake Paul hasn't yet responded to the Martinez Twins' video

However, he responded to the Twins first video, in which they accused him of being a bully, by saying he has been "publicly backstabbed and betrayed more than any person" he's ever met.