Meet The YouTubers Who Will Inspire The F*ck Outta You

2 March 2017, 17:16 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:24

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

London Small YouTubers introduce us to three seriously inspiring creators.

Hello from London Small YouTubers!

If you’re not sure who we are, take a quick gander at our introductory post from last week.

For this week’s post, we wanted to share some videos from smaller YouTubers that discuss or portray the topics of politics and confidence. Quite scary spheres to talk about in the online community (and off!), but important ones nevertheless.

One of the great things we enjoy about YouTube is the ability for anyone and everyone to share their views; in a professional high production video or, as you’ll see below, in a more candid but heartfelt vlog. We particularly take our hats off to those who cover the more difficult topics out there. Have a gander at our suggestions below, and tweet your small YouTuber video recommendations to @LondonSmallYT!


If you didn’t manage to make it down to the Women’s March in London January 22nd 2017, never fear because Willia has you covered. Willia makes great videos about media and politics, and her 'Monday's Thoughts' videos are great self-care and helpful reminders for everyone, but especially activists and politically engaged people.


Ellen's channel, NeedForCaffine, explores the history and issues surrounding the LGBT community. Her newest channel series, Queeries, interviews Queer people about their experiences coming out, living as a queer person, and coming to terms with being on the LGBT spectrum. Her channel is a delightful space which brings together all the best parts of community, introspection, and learning.

Here you can see her discussion on why we need LGBT+ History Month:

Nova Nocturne

Nova from Nova Nocturne has been living in Japan for some time and seriously impresses us with her Japanese. But in our recommended video, she takes a different tact and discusses her experience with body confidence. In this candid chatty vlog from her little corner of the internet, Nova wants to encourage her viewers to embrace their size and wear the fashion that they enjoy.