Here's Everything You Need To Know About YouTube's CUTEST Family

11 May 2016, 14:53 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:16

We the Unicorns

By Ella Wells

Your Sunday sub boxes could change forever.

There are so many family vloggers that we just LOVE; the Shaytards, the Saccone-Jolys, you name them - we watch them. However, there happens to be one YouTube family we've never featured before and they're literally the cutest in the vlogging game. If you haven't guessed already, we're talking about The Michalaks, the YouTube family that pop into our sub box every Sunday and post the most incredibly-edited weekly vlogs - not to mention they're parents to the cutest little boy on YouTube. Seeing as though we love them so much, we thought we'd share the love and give you the low-down on YouTubes cutest family.

Who are they?

The Michalaks, Hannah, Stefan and little Gracie, are just your average family living in London - well, as average as filming your daily life can be. Hannah began the channel as a fashion and beauty vlog but when the YouTube couple found out they were expecting Gracie, Hannah started filming her pregnancy experience and even vlogged giving birth to their seriously cute little boy. Since then the couple have been filming daily and Stefan has taken over the editing of the vlogs they film each week which can take up to 48 hours!


Before YouTube

Turns out the couple were both pretty cool before YouTube too. Stefan was a celebrity interviewer for Heat Magazine and also worked on his wish-list website WantFeed in his spare time. He was even romantically linked to Made in Chelsea star Cheska Hull before he started dating Hannah! Unlike Stef with his exciting media career, Hannah was writing for her beauty blog and posting videos on her channel, which then was just about fashion and beauty. They both met when Hannah interned at Heat for a week and the rest is history.

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Their videos

The average daily vlogger probably leaves the house with just their handheld camera and they're ready to go - but not The Michalaks. The family never leave their house with less than eight cameras, multiple lenses, and a drone which helps Stefan to get those a m a z i n g ariel shots. But honestly, their vlogs are some of the most creative videos we've ever seen and we'd go as far as saying they're almost mini movies. And if we didn't already love them enough, the vlogging couple put the money they make on ads straight back into the videos by paying signed artists for the music they use.

The Michalaks and Zoella 

We've already written about the effects that Zoe noticing you can have and The Michalaks have definitely felt it. Zoe tweeted Hannah back in 2014 to say how much she loved their vlogs and it completely exposed the vlogging family to her then six million subscribers. Stefan explained that the impact of more people watching their videos only made them want to be more creative and push their vlogs even further. Since then Hannah and Zoe have become great friends and Gracie just loves her.

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Let us know in the comments your favourite thing about The Michalaks.