Colleen Ballinger reveals the name of her baby

17 December 2018, 12:26 | Updated: 17 December 2018, 13:22

Colleen Ballinger with new baby
Colleen Ballinger with new baby. Picture: Colleen Ballinger

By Woodrow Whyte

"His first, middle and last name are all family names that mean a lot to us"

Colleen Ballinger has finally revealed the name of her new baby son and, instead of following the celebrity trend of picking "unique" names, Colleen and her partner have opted for something much more personal.

Colleen, who plays the character Miranda Sings, has been keeping her followers updated through every stage of the pregnancy. She announced she was pregnant in June and vlogged regularly right up until the birth. She even recorded a vlog while she was having contractions and heading to the hospital, at which point her sister took over to film Colleen actually giving birth. Incredible scenes.

Throughout the birthing vlog, Colleen repeatedly said that she and her partner Erik Stocklin had not chosen a name for the baby. He arrived 3 weeks early, so probably thought they had more time before deciding on a final name. Now, a few days after the birth, the couple have settled on the name Flynn Timothy Stocklin. Cute!

Colleen explained that they didn't want to give the baby an unusual name but instead wanted a name that had significance to both their families. "His first, middle and last name are all family names that mean a lot to us."

Stocklin is obviously Erik's last name, and Colleen said they decided early on that the baby should share his last name. "He is the first grandchild in his family and we just thought it was really important to pass on his family name."

So, what about 'Timothy'? Well, that's from Colleen's side of the family. "Timothy is my dad’s name," she said. "My dad is my hero. I wanted my dad’s name to be somehow incorporated into his name."

And lastly, Flynn. That comes from the Irish connection on Erik's side. "Flynn is Eric’s middle name," Colleen explained. "And it’s his dad’s middle name and it’s his great, great, great grandfather’s last name." Not only does the name run in the family but, coincidentally, on a recent trip to Ireland the couple bought a pin of the name 'Flynn' and Eric found it at the bottom of Colleen's handbag on the day she went into labour. It must have been fate!

So now we've watched the birth and had the baby name reveal, all we need now is for Miranda to meet baby Flynn! Surely this will be the most iconic duo of 2018?