Colleen Ballinger Is Dating Her "Haters Back Off" Co-Star And It's Too Perfect

12 June 2018, 15:33 | Updated: 12 June 2018, 15:40

Colleen Ballinger and boyfriend Erik Stocklin
Colleen Ballinger and boyfriend Erik Stocklin. Picture: Colleen Ballinger // Erik Stocklin

By Josh Lee

We stan a fairytale ending

It looks like Miranda Sings got her fairytale ending after all! Or at least Colleen Ballinger - the YouTuber and actress who plays Miranda - did.

Today, Colleen confirmed her relationship with Erik Stocklin, who played Miranda's best friend and (mostly one-sided) love interest Patrick on the Netflix show, on Twitter today, although the pair have been pictured together on Instagram for a little while now.

"I love how lost everyone on Instagram is," Colleen tweeted. No matter how many photos or videos I post saying Erik and I are together, all of the comments say "wait are you guys dating??? I wonder how long this will go on"

Erik confirmed their relationship on Instagram, with the caption (dating) next to a picture of the pair as their Haters Back Off characters


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Haters Back Off followed the lives of Miranda Sings and her long-suffering family as the self-proclaimed internet sensation hunted for fame at all costs. Sadly, the show was cancelled after two seasons.