Colleen Ballinger got her video comments disabled for an infuriating reason

27 March 2019, 16:40

colleen ballinger comments disabled
Picture: YouTube: Colleen Ballinger
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Colleen Ballinger has revealed that she had the comments on a new video disabled for a truly infuriating reason.

Colleen made a video in which she discussed YouTube's new controversial policy of removing comment sections from videos when they believe people may leave comments that would be inappropriate for children. Many creators are angry that they are being penalised for the comments that strangers leave on their work.

Colleen commented on this in her vlog, saying:

"I want to keep children safe, that is my top priority... but... by demonetising videos that have kids in them that a predator would find appealing... all you're doing is helping the [pervert] because now they don't have to sit through an ad [to see those videos] and they can't comment, which means there's no way to find them... or report them."

But then there was another twist in the story. After the vlog came out, Colleen tweeted:

"so in my vlog today i talked about how Youtube is disabling comments and demonetizing videos of innocent people instead of punishing the pedophiles who are commenting on them. MY VIDEO GOT DEMONETIZED AND COMMENTS ARE DISABLED JUST BECAUSE I CALLED THEM OUT ON IT. this is nuts."

On YouTube itself, she later wrote:

"UPDATE: Youtube demonetized this video and disabled all the comments. Interesting... I call them out, and they punish me and make it so that no advertisers can see it, and make it so no one can comment and start a discussion. wowwww..."

So Colleen had her comments removed from her video because in her video she talked about how it was bad that videos were having their comments removed... wow.

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