Colleen Ballinger made JoJo Siwa watch her raw birth footage

7 January 2019, 11:39

colleen ballinger jojo siwa birth reaction
Picture: YouTube: Colleen Ballinger
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

You think you've seen everything and then a video like this comes along

Colleen Ballinger has released a video where she teams up with Jojo Siwa to watch raw footage of her (Colleen) giving birth to her son. All right then.

The Miranda Sings star sat down with the pint-sized bow-wearing legend to give her a nice lesson about the grim realities of the birth process and it's safe to say it was an educational experience for all.

"I haven't even watched the raw footage because I think it's going to scar me." Colleen says, as she welcomes viewers to possibly the strangest video they have ever watched. The video we see is fully censored, but the one the ladies are watching was not.

"Are there sounds... like ripping sounds?" Jojo asks, much to Colleen's surprise. "This is great school for me." She adds.

Then they settle down to watch the magic happen. "This is just raw footage of me pushing", Colleen explains, with a nervous laugh,

The pair start off laughing and joking but things soon take a turn as the video gets more and more intense. "I thought the most horrifying part of this would be the pain.. but it's my face." Colleen jokes.

jojo siwa colleen ballinger
At times the pair found it hard to watch the footage. Picture: YouTube: Colleen Ballinger

Colleen lets slip that she was listening to Pentatonix Christmas music as the baby began to properly arrive. Congrats to them!

But then, all once the baby has arrived. "He looks like a little alien, but he's so cute!" Jojo exclaims.

Colleen and her her husband Erik (surprise! They got married in secret last year) welcomed their new baby boy, Flynn Timothy Stocklin, at the end of 2018. The young lad was famous before he was even born, even sharing a kiss (in a cute way) with Ariana Grande.

What did you make of the video? Did you learn a thing or two about the miracle of birth?