Netflix Just Cancelled Haters Back Off and Colleen Ballinger Is "Heartbroken"

5 December 2017, 10:58

Miranda Sings
Miranda Sings. Picture: Netflix

By Josh Lee

Haters Back Off is ending after two seasons.

Haters Back Off, the Netflix comedy series starring Colleen Ballinger as Miranda Sings, has been cancelled after two seasons.

The show, which launched back in 2016, initially had enough success to score a second season. But Miranda's popularity on YouTube couldn't carry the show into a third season/

Describing herself as "absolutely devastated" at the cancellation, Colleen took to Twitter to thank the producers, writers and crew for helping to create two seasons of Haters Back Off.

"I desperately with I could continue telling the story of Haters Back Off, but I'm extremely grateful for the experience," she said.

"When I created Miranda Sings ten years ago I never imagined I would eventually have two seasons of my own Netflix Original Series," she added.

Fellow YouTubers and fans reached out to Colleen to thank her for creating the show, and the character of Miranda Sings.

James Charles told Colleen, "you mean the world to myself and so many other kids all around the world," while Tyler Oakley described Colleen as a "legend." Christine Sydelko insisted she would start a petition, and Ricky Dillon said Coleen had "accomplished something incredible that we will all cherish forever."

Miranda Sings is in the running to be names YouTuber Of The Year at the 2017 Unicorn Awards! Vote for Miranda here.