The Most Popular YouTubers Of 2017 Have Been Announced

6 December 2017, 12:45

Most Popular YouTubers Of 2017. Picture: Other

By Josh Lee

Did your fave make the list?

Hot off the heels of announcing the most-shipped YouTuber pairing of 2017, Tumblr Fandometrics have announced the 30 most popular YouTubers, Twitchers and Podcasters of 2017, according to Tumblr engagement.

Fandometrics use all sorts of stats to compile their end-of-year lists. According to their website:

"Fandometrics is the result of our efforts to compile a database of Tumblr’s favorite entertainers and entertainments, and track the shifts in our users’ collective affection. Every week, our Content team puts together a list of the most frequently used tags on the platform, accounting for the following criteria:

- How many posts were created that contain the tag

- How many times that tag was searched for

- How many times a post using that tag was reblogged

- How many times a post using that tag was liked

Using that criteria, the 30 most popular YouTubers of 2017 are:

30. Onion

29. Dodie Clark

28. Jeremy Dooley

27. iDubbbz

26. Rhett and Link

25. Justin McElroy

24. Arin Hanson

23. Michael Jones

22. Wiishu

21. Filthy Frank

20. Gavin Free

19. Cameron Dallas

18. JonTron

17. Joe Sugg

16. Ryan Haywood

15. Nick Robinson

14. Dan Avidan

13. Miniminter

12. Elise Bauman

11. Jessica Nigri

10. The Dolan Twins

9. Natasha Negovanlis

8. Griffin McElroy

7. Crankgameplays

6. PewDiePie

5. Thomas Sanders

4. Daniel Howell

3. Markiplier

2. AmazingPhil

1. JackSepticEye