Nafisah Atcha On Incorporating Muslim Values Into YouTube Success

24 September 2015, 11:08 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Diversity is important to us here at We The Unicorns and we're always trying to promote and shine a light on those who are breaking the mould. As today marks Eid, we caught up with vlogger Nafisah Atcha to talk about being a Muslim woman on YouTube and how her channel is helping women in her community.


If you're not familiar with Nafisah's channel, she covers mainly beauty and fashion but her faith has a strong influence on her channel with Eid make-up tutorials and lookbooks influenced by her culture's conservative style.

Whilst setting up a beauty and fashion channel might not seem problematic to most, Nafisah has had to overcome potential judgement from her peers - both male and female - as she aims to break stereotypes that many have of Muslim women. As a result of her success, Nafisah was recently asked to do a social media takeover at the Muslim Lifestyle Expo, an event which celebrates Islamic culture.

On setting up her channel

"It took me a six months from making the decision I wanted to start a Youtube channel to actually uploading my first video. Coming from a culture where this is not a norm [to be on YouTube], I knew it would be hard for people to understand."

Eid make up

On the reactions from other Muslim women

"I get stopped in the street by other Muslim women who don't usually watch Youtube videos and they tell me they watch my videos. Any content creator on any platform will tell you how incredible the feeling you have when your work reaches people and makes a different to them. I started watching Youtube videos as a way to escape and relax. To be able to do this for others out there makes me incredibly happy.

I like that I am able to use Youtube to help show young Muslim girls that it is ok to talk about things they have been sceptical to talk about. My channel focuses on beauty, fashion and lifestyle. The lifestyle content I produce means I can talk about topics such a bullying and self confidence issues which a lot of Muslim girls tend to shy away from talking about.

Being a muslim woman can be portrayed a deliberating, demeaning where it is in fact the complete opposite. We have fun and experience life in the same way as many other woman across the world."

Hijab tutorial


On which YouTubers inspire her

"I gain huge inspiration from woman such as Amena from Pearl Daisy and Nabiilabee both of which I feel have the right balance of being knowledgable and fun and informative."

Henna tutorial


To subscribe to Nafisah, click here. Nafisah also blogs at Bamblings of Naffy.