Nathan Zed's Video On Logan Paul Was Restricted For This INFURIATING Reason

5 January 2018, 12:15

YouTube reveals why it restricted nathan zed's logan paul video
YouTube reveals why it restricted nathan zed's logan paul video. Picture: Twitter
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Are you kidding me??

Fans and creators alike were left baffled and outraged when it emerged that a perfectly innocent video YouTuber Nathan Zed had made about Logan Paul's infamous 'suicide forest' vlog had been inexplicably restricted by YouTube.

Voices rose on Twitter to question why a video with no sensitive content or even swearing had been age restricted - especially when Logan's original video, which featured uncensored footage of a suicide victim - was not only not restricted, but allowed to reach the top spot on the trending page.

Now YouTube have explained what happened

YouTube broke their silence to explain why Nathan's video was restricted and the reason is, frankly, maddening. According to YouTube, they did it... for no reason. It was just a mistake. As if someone leaned on a 'restrict' button somewhere and Nathan's video just happened to fall into the crosshairs.

This is... hard to believe.

YouTube is trying to say that it just happened to accidentally censor a video which just happened to be about the most controversial video in its history? I can't say I buy it. More likely the video was censored in a panic by the platform once they realised they'd been too slow to react to Logan's original video. They probably just blanket-restricted any popular video with 'Logan Paul Suicide' in the title.

Either way, what the hell is YouTube doing?