Why Niomi Smart Has The Smartest Brand On YouTube

18 April 2016, 15:16 | Updated: 17 October 2017, 09:41

niomi smart brand

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Here's why her latest announcement is absolutely perfect.

Eat Smart is set to be the debut book from YouTuber Niomi Smart. Released in September, the book will be a healthy cookbook for the lifestyle and fitness guru who rose to fame thanks to her relationship with Marcus Butler and her amazing advice on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Whether it's a vegan baking tutorial, a make-up video or a "What I eat in a day", Niomi has built her channel on authenticity and advice- without ramming it down our throats or being some sort of Body Goals Demi-God.

Niomi doesn't make us feel bad for tucking into a Krispy Kreme as we watch her videos, nor does she discourage us from fulfilling our fitness or healthy eating plans despite the fact we've never run/ate anything green in our lives.

niomi smart eat smart

Niomi's debut book isn't a surprise to anyone- everyone who is everyone on YouTube has at least one  book out. But we can't be the only one who wondered what had taken her so long? However, when we thought about it, Smart's genius lies in the fact that herself and her management (Gleam Futures) seem to carefully consider everything they do with her and every business decision and promotion just feels right.

In the past, we've seen YouTubers endorse products in ads and felt a little confused. We've also seem enough merchandise ranges to keep us broke for the rest of our lives. So it comes as something pretty out of the ordinary when we're excited and thrilled about a YouTuber putting their name to something. As we mentioned, Niomi Smart's brand excels and stands out because of a clear joint passion from both Smart herself and her management Gleam. Founded by Dom Smales, Gleam represent some of the biggest names on YouTube including Zoe Sugg, Alfie Deyes, Tanya Burr, Jim Chapman, twins Lucy and Lydia and more. The company are a huge name in the media, advertising and publishing agency and can help YouTubers go from up-and-coming to worldwide stars. As well as organising sponsored content for the YouTubers, the company are also responsible for things like Tanya Burr's Glamour magazine cover and the rise of her acting career which currently sees the star in LA and attending castings. Essentially, they can make you a star and nothing showcases their skills quite like Niomi's career, in our opinion. niomi smart eat smart Rather than whacking her name on every fitness trend, releasing a book at the peak YouTube book time and grabbing every remotely related endorsement, Gleam and Niomi have built the Niomi Smart brand to mean something that's difficult to achieve on YouTube these days- trust and honesty. Indeed, it's not just Niomi's commercial opportunities that are handled well but her break up with fellow YouTuber Marcus Butler was a shining example of how to stay low-key and not fuel drama in a community that seems to thrive on it. Their split came just weeks after announcing Sourcedbox, a healthy snack selection delivered to your door. Acknowledging their change in circumstances, Niomi simply sent out a tweet:  

  The tweet was a follow up to a video by Marcus, called "Whats going on?" After the initial hype around the video, the pair have been able to carry on their every day lives without a plague of comments, articles and speculation. Thanks to both Niomi and Marcus' maturity, their channels and brands have continued to grow without fans and viewers taking sides- the pair seem to be supportive of one another's career and continue to flourish as a result. Whilst some YouTubers face an endless amount of hate for being the girlfriend of a hot male YouTuber, Marcus' viewers seemed to take to Niomi as her own person which more than shows in the growth of her channel and the continued interest despite no longer being the female half of Narcus. At the time of writing, Niomi announced her book deal less than 24 hours ago and it's already the number one best seller on Amazon. As well as looking forward to getting our hands on the book in September, we can't wait to see this vlogging beauty's career take off even further. niomi smart eat smart Congratulations, Niomi!