10 Pentatonix Performances That Will Leave You Wigless

8 March 2018, 12:18 | Updated: 8 March 2018, 13:04

Pentatonix performing with new bass Matt Sallee
Pentatonix. Picture: Instagram // PTXOfficial

By Josh Lee

When you've got nothing to rely on but your vocals, necessity dictates that you develop some seriously impressive pipes. Pentatonix are no exception to the rule, and can create entire orchestras with just five voices. Their road to superstardom has been paved with jaw-dropping performance after draw-dropping performance, but which is their best ever?

We've gone through the archives and put together our ranking of the 10 best Pentatonix Performances ever. And if you don't agree, just remember:


Ready? Let's get into it.

10. Jolene, The Voice 2016 (ft. Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus)

This is more Dolly and Miley's moment, but this awesome collab makes it into the Top 10 purely on the sheer mass of star power on stage. Avi and Kevin really get to shine in the relatively stripped back backing vocals, while Scott and Kirstin hold their own alongside the queen of country herself. But let's be honest, this is Dolly Parton's moment.

9. How Great Thou Art (ft Jennifer Hudson)

Similarly to "Jolene" this powerhouse gospel performance is more about the guest singer than the band themselves. Having said that, seeing the guys hold their own in the company of a singer such as Jennifer Hudson really just goes to show how talented Pentatonix are. Plus, this song gives me major church days flashbacks and holds a very dear place in my heart.

8. Bohemian Rhapsody, 2017

Three words: 👏Avi's 👏bass 👏notes.

7. Rather Be, 2014

This easy-breazy cover over Clean Bandit's 2014 smash hit proves that a capella doesn't have to feel like being punched in the face by an army of vocals. Light, summer and cool af, Kirstin's perfect vocals takes centre stage, contrasted beautifully by Avi's soulful bass.

6. Royals, 2013.

Another a capella with major cool factor, Pentatonix's cover of Lorde's iconic debut gives Kevin's beatboxing abilities a real chance to shine. Plus, Mitch singing "I'm in love with being Queen" is a total MOOD.

5. Run To You, 2014

The only Pentatonix original on our chart, Run To You was literally written to be performed in a capella - and it shows. Sung entirely in five-part harmony, the song is technically impressive but delivered with the kind of flawless ease that we've come to love Pentatonix for.

4. Havana, 2018

Never have Pentatonix felt like a group with a place in the mainstream pop world than with this incredible Camila Cabello cover. Scott's vocals are sexier than ever, Kevin manages to recreate a trumpet vocally without being cheesy, and Mitch's moustache is an icon in its own right. Fierce, fierce, fierce.

3. Dog Days Are Over, 2011

One of the very first songs Pentatonix performed as a five-piece, this otherworldly Florence And The Machine cover just shows the level Pentatonix have been performing at since day one. Mitch's solo will literally transport you to another dimension. Sure, there's been finessing and styling over the years, but at the heart of it all Pentatonix have been doing the damn thing since forever.

2. The Evolution of Beyoncé, 2013

You know you've slayed when Beyoncé herself calls your performance "Amazing." This performance took Pentatonix's fame to a whole new level and still leaves people gasping for air five years later - just check out the YouTube comments if you need proof. Intelligently arranged with flawless transitions and numerous stand out vocal moments, Pentatonix achieved something here that very few people have ever done - they made Beyoncé's work their own.

1. Hallelujah, 2016

What's there to say? Every single member is performing at the very top of their game in this performance. Kirstin's vocals are particularly beautiful, but the standout moment has to go to Mitch, who stretches right up into his countertenor range in a solo that literally takes your breath away. Avi's solo oozes with soul, Scott's solo will make you pregnant, and Kevin's beatboxing is equally sexy. This is easily Pentatonix's most sonically cohesive performance to day. If someone asks you why Pentatonix are the most talented vocal group since Destiny's Child, you show them this.