The Most Influential LGBTQ+ YouTubers In The World Right Now Are...

9 November 2017, 12:55 | Updated: 9 November 2017, 13:12

Mitch Grassi Scott Hoying
Three YouTubers have made it onto Out Magazine's 100 most influential LGBTQ+ celebrities list. Picture: Pride Magazine/Wikipedia

By Josh Lee

Out Magazine has named this years 100 most influential LGBTQ+ celebrities

Three YouTube stars have been named among the most influential 100 LGBTQ+ people in showbiz for 2017.

Each year, American LGBTQ+ magazine Out reveals its OUT 100, a celebration of queer and trans celebrities, activists and public figures who have helped push LGBTQ+ rights or visibility forward. This year, Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying (of Superfruit and Pentatonix fame), and Gigi Gorgeous, were featured on the list.

According to Out magazine, Scott and Mitch have "crafted a new musical identity" which is "both catchy and buoyantly queer" and could "make struggling LGBTQ kids dance around their living rooms with hope."

Speaking to Out, Scott said, "We want to inspire queer youth, and we've had feedback from fans saying we've helped or saved them." Mitch said, "People applaud us for our normalisation of queer romantic pronouns," which is still relatively rare in the music industry.

Scott Hoying Mitch Grassi Superfruit Pentatonix
Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi for Out Magazine. Picture: Out Magazine

Out Magazine also honoured Gigi Gorgeous after the release of her documentary, This Is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous, this year.

Gigi told Out, "There are those who will try to deny our rights and pass unjust laws. But we will never go away. To stop taking action is to surrender ourselves."

Gigi Gorgeous for Out Magazine
Gigi Gorgeous for Out Magazine. Picture: Out Magazine