Pentatonix Just Recreated The Jealous Girlfriend Meme And No One Can Cope

24 April 2018, 13:03

Jealous Girlfriend Meme
Jealous Girlfriend Meme. Picture: Unknown

By Josh Lee


In an act of pure photographic serendipity, three members of Pentatonix have memed themselves.

The multi grammy award winning band, who released their newest album Pentatonix Presents: Top Pop Volume 1 this month, were taking selfies while filming their performance for the Late Late Show when Matt Sallee took the photo in question. With Scott serving death stares at the back while Mitch peers inquisitively at a smirking Matt, it's literally an exact replica of the jealous girlfriend meme.

As soon as Scott tweeted the similarities, PTX fans began memeing the picture.

And everyone else just went into meltdown in Pentatonix's mentions