This New Pentatonix Pic Has A Weird Photoshop Fail And It's Freaking Us Out

23 February 2018, 10:43 | Updated: 1 March 2018, 12:47

Pentatonix. Picture: Pentatonix

By Josh Lee

Pentatonix shared a gorgeous new group shot ahead releasing there video for the group's cover of Camila Cabello's hit Havana. But while everyone look 100% gorgeous in the photo, we couldn't help but notice something off about the placement of Scott's arm around Mitch. Either someone went a little to far on the photoshop, or Scott has an extra elbow near the top of his arm.

Pentatonix's new group shot. Picture: Pentatonix

Now, look a little closer at Scott's arm:

Scott Hoying's arm
That's now how arms work, Scott. Picture: Pentatonix

Even with Mitch obscuring part of Scott's arm, you can definitely tell that that's not how shoulders should work. But photoshop fail or not, they're still the most loveable five-piece on YouTube.

Check out a teaser for Pentatonix's cover of Havana below:

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