5 Things We Think Pewdiepie's Honesty Video Is REALLY About

7 August 2015, 22:37 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:11

We the Unicorns

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

When Pewds uploaded a video called 'Time For Some Honesty" we weren't really surprised. After opening up and chatting about those $7million a year reports, we knew Pewds was all about the honesty. But this latest video is kind of cryptic and has us asking a lot of questions.


Considering it's an honesty video, he's not giving much away. So we started to wonder what this video is really about? What could take Felix away from his life of editing and filming for an entire month? And what big opportunity did he have to edit out. Here's our thoughts...

Filming A Movie In The Desert

Really? We've seen a lot of YouTubers movie onto TV and into film (we're looking at you, Tessa Netting and Caspar Lee) so why not?

Odds? 20/1. We're more likely to see Felix in a modelling gig or making his own game but this can't be ruled out.


Producing His Own Beauty Range To Be Sold In Superdrug

Really? Everyone from Tanya Bur to Zoella are lining the shelves of Superdrug with their tutti fruity scents and nail polishes so perhaps Felix has his own money maker lined up? Maybe a series of eye masks for when you've spent all night gaming?

Odds? 250/1. Maybe not worth a punt but it would be hilarious.


Getting carpal tunnel surgery

What? When you spend your life typing, clicking and pressing the space bar then something's gotta give. Add on top playing games and practically having a controller glued to you and you're up sh*t creek.

Odds? 4/1. We'd bet our lunch money on this.


Spending all his dollar

What? Obvs you're never going to see Pewdiepie do a Primark haul but it's about time the guy went a little wild in the aisles. Technically, Christmas isn't too far away so maybe he's stockpiling some gifts for his loved ones. If we could, we'd take a month out to go shopping.

Odds? 20/1. Seems unlikely.

He's off to marry Marzia

What? The last time we went away for a month, we ended up married so why not? Seriously though, fans are going into overdrive with this theory and it's probably the most plausible. The couple have never announced an engagement but maybe they're keeping it private.

Odds? 6/1. Who wouldn't want to marry Marzia?