PewDiePie's Career: A Timeline From 2006 To 2017

21 April 2017, 15:42 | Updated: 17 July 2017, 12:25

We the Unicorns

By Charleyy Hodson

Strap yourself in, we're on a trip through time.

Whether you subscribe to him or not, it is an undeniable fact that YouTube has been exponentially changed thanks to the presence of PewDiePie. From the self-policing of his comments, to his more recent controversies surrounding race and religion, Felix Kjellberg is central to the development and timeline of YouTube. So, with that in mind, we are going to be running through every single significant moment in his YouTube career in this handy little timeline - everyone likes a timeline, right?!

We've tried to limit this list to moments where Felix has been in the press for positive and negative reasons, in addition to any ripple effects his videos may have had on the wider gaming/creator community. If you want a big read, and can't be bothered to go click on Wikipedia, there's everything you'll ever need from a PewDiePie timeline right here.



So, without any further adieu, here's a complete timeline of every significant event in PewDiePie's YouTube career.

  • December 19th 2006: Felix makes his very first YouTube channel, called “PewDie”. In the past 3-5 years, only “extra” videos have been uploaded here.

  • April 29th 2010: Felix forgets the password to his old YouTube channel, “PewDie”, and so starts up a new one called “PewDiePie”. Little does he know that this will become the most subscribed YouTube channel in the entire world.

  • October 2nd 2010: The very first video on the PewDiePie channel (that is still live) sees Felix playing Minecraft for two minutes. There is no face cam.

  • At Some Point In 2011: Felix drops out of Chalmers University of Technology and starts working as a hotdog vendor across the street. He was studying Industrial Economics, but decided he “didn’t like it” and because “industrial management and economics was boring as hell" and he "couldn’t relate to f*cking anyone” after turning up late to student mixers and Freshers events. He worked on the hot dog stand during the beginning of his YouTube career, but quit without telling his manager when he finally got signed by Machinima and received his first pay check. He immediately moved to Italy with Marzia after chatting on the Internet and meeting previously.

  • February 17th 2011: After hitting 100 video uploads and 2,500 subscribers, Felix first shows his face on his YouTube channel in addition to showing off his gaming rig.

  • September 2nd 2011: The very first episode of Friday’s With PewDiePie is uploaded as Felix decides he wants to be more interactive with his fans, having only played games up until that point on his channel. It would go on to separate his channel from other gaming channels, as his personality shines through.

  • July 10th 2012: The PewDiePie channel reaches its first YouTube milestone of many, with 1 million subscribers.

  • October 25th 2012: After some serious heat from fans and other criticisms from the media and creators about his light use of “rape jokes”, Felix addresses his mistakes in a Tumblr post called “No More Rape Jokes”. Here, he says that he’s “not looking to hurt anyone” and “apologises if it ever did”. It's widely considered a good move on his part to note audience feedback and change his style.

  • January 14th 2013: Felix hits 1 billion video views and, at the time of writing, has over 15 billion video views.

  • July 2013: Felix and Marzia make their move to Brighton purely for better internet connection after living in Sweden/Italy and gaining a rapid amount of subscribers. They chose Brighton so they could remain more anonymous, but has since moved multiple times after fans found their address.

  • August 15th 2013: PewDiePie became the most subscribed to YouTube channel in the world, beating SMOSH. His title was quickly taken by YouTube Spotlight, but a day later he took it back and hasn't been rivalled since.

  • October 13th 2013: He adopted a black pug called Edgar aged 1, who was quickly labelled the naughtiest dog in the world. He was immediately adored by Felix's audience and has starred in multiple videos since - even by himself!


  • December 31st 2013: In 12 months alone, the PewDiePie channel went from 3.5 million subscribers to just under 19 million, making him the fastest growing YouTube channel ever. On average, he gained a new subscriber every 1.037 seconds.

  • March 3rd 2014: In an update vlog, Felix announced that for the first time on his channel, he would be scaling back the output of his content. After reaching 24 million subscribers, Felix felt that uploading a video every single day was becoming too much work for one person to do on his own, so instead of hiring someone to help out and making his channel more of a business, he scaled back to keep it authentic.

  • March 29th 2014: Felix uploaded his very first Goat Simulator Let's Play, a game that would not only be fundamental in the move from horror games on the PewDiePie channel, but the game eventually became a commercial smash purely because he played it. This success has been credited by the developers themselves.

  • June 4th 2014: PewDiePie released a video which revealed that he and the Bro’s had raised over 1 million dollars for charities including Save The Children, Charity Water and various other organisations since they started fundraising together a year before.

  • August 29th 2014: Felix makes his first public statement about how much he hates the YouTube comments system. Referencing all the spam he gets on his channel and the fact he can’t talk to his fans properly, he becomes the first and most most popular YouTuber to ever switch them off for good. This battle between Felix and his comments is still ongoing.

  • August 31st 2014: The very first episode of the BroKen podcast was uploaded to PewDiePie’s channel. It was a short-lived podcast between himself and CinnamonToastKen that featured guests such as UberHaxorNova, JackSepticEye and Cryaotic.

  • September 6th 2014: PewDiePie’s YouTube channel became the first to gain over 10 billion video view - it's currently on 15 billion!

  • December 3rd 2014: Felix becomes one of the very few human cameo’s on the animated TV show, South Park. The episode, called “Rehash”, sees Kyle’s young brother Ike watching a PewDiePie video and not being interested in playing the video game himself. This collaboration came to be because the creators of South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, felt that more people played/saw their own video game “South Park: The Stick of Truth” thanks to Felix playing it on his channel.

  • September 24th 2015: Felix releases PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist for iOS, Android, Windows and OS X. It was a hugely successful side-scrolling action-adventure platform game featuring himself, Marzia, his dogs, a variety of YouTube friends and Easter eggs from his old Let’s Plays.

  • October 1st 2015: Felix does a rare TV appearance on The Stephen Colbert Show, where he tries to teach Stephen how to swear in Swedish and make Let's play videos, proving to the world that there is a good way to discuss YouTube Let’s Play without making a fool of yourself *cough* Jimmy Kimmel *cough*.

  • October 20th 2015: PewDiePie releases his first book; a parody of self-help books called “This Book Loves You". It became a New York Times Bestseller immediately and remained there for a week.

  • October 21st 2015: YouTube Red announces Felix's first series, Scare PewDiePie, after rumours start surfacing in September that he might be filming a show in LA.

  • October 23rd 2015: On his 26th birthday, Felix hits 40 million subscribers to his channel.

  • January 13th 2016: Felix announced his first YouTube network, Revelmode. It featured other creators such as Slogoman, Emma Blackery, Markiplier and Marzia and it went on to do charity events and collaborations. It will unfortunately shutdown early into 2017 after the Anti-Semitic controversies.

  • February 9th 2016: PewDiePie makes a second rare TV appearance on The Conan O’Brian Show, which is later reviewed as “kind of awkward”. His handshake with Conan in a later feature of “Clueless Gamer” is constantly referred to by Felix as one of the most cringe-worthy moments of his life.

  • February 29th 2016: After uploading a very dissatisfied video about playing a game called Bear Simulator, Felix finds himself in hot water after the developer decides to cease further updates on the game after all the “drama” of Felix’s accidentally aggressive video.

  • April 20th 2016: Time Magazine calls PewDiePie one of the "100 Most Influential People in the World", with a forward by South Park co-creator, Trey Parker.


  • June 2016: Felix was evicted from the second flat where he filmed his videos for being “too loud” by his “homophobic landlord”. He has since been evicted from another flat and how owns the old Walt Disney/Club Penguin office space in Brighton, where he frequently works with creators such as Emma Pickles and KickThePJ.

  • August 20th 2016: The handle 'PewDiePie" was briefly suspended from Twitter after he decided to unverify himself because he was sick of the “status system” that came with it. Around this time, he had also retweeted a parody account that said he had “suspected relations with ISIS”, which a lot of people (unfortunately) fell for.

  • September 17th 2016: A cardboard cutout that regularly featured in the background of his videos, British chef Ainsley Harriott, had his head ripped off and a back story added, making it one of the first “characters” added to the PieDiePie lure for many years, since the likes of “Stephano” and “Jennifer”.


  • September 22nd 2016: Felix gets a new pet, a toad called Slippy, because he has a fear of them. In one interaction between the pair, Felix is shit on.

  • September 29th 2016:Felix releases successful PewDiePie Tuber Simulator on iOS and Android, where it currently has over 1 million downloads and beat Pokémon Go to the top of the iTunes Charts.

  • October 20th 2016: PewDiePie creates the Jack septiceye2 channel, and it quickly gains over 1.4 million subscribers without any content on it. This channel would prove to be fundamental in one of Felix’s later trolls (you know which one I'm on about).

  • November 15th 2016: PieDiePie officially quits his LA vlog series, Birdabo, after stress and pressure left him feeling too drained to film his YouTube Red TV show. He has since spoke about how much this upset him, and how he was confused by the fans telling him in the comments how much they loved the series but the views were so low.

  • December 2nd 2016: PieDiePie collaborates with Swedish company Happy Socks to release his own line of funky socks.

  • December 2nd 2016: Felix promises to delete his channel at 50 million subscribers after getting increasingly more annoyed by YouTube not explaining why people were losing subscribers and videos were not being viewed in subscription boxes/recommended bars.

  • December 9th 2016: Felix didn’t delete his channel (ofc) and trolled us all instead by deleting his Jack septiceye2 “hate” channel. These series of videos following the build up to deleting the channel and exposing the real action are some of his most viewed videos to date and has easily had a knock on effect on his later videos with more people watching him now than ever.

  • December 12th 2016: After a weekend of ridiculous lifestreams and challenges, Revelmode (made up of PDP, JeckSepticEye, Emma Blackery, Markiplier and KickThePJ) raised $13,000,000 to #EndAIDS with the #Cringemas Xmas event.

  • December 18th 2016: PewDiePie received the first Ruby Play Button, which was quoted to be “incredibly heavy” and came in the shape of his iconic Brofist logo. Seven of his “longest lasting subscribers, that are still active” also got their own mini-Brofists.

  • December 24th 2016: Felix achieves (??) one of the top most disliked videos in YouTube’s history. At the time of writing, it currently has 2.9 million dislikes and is the third most disliked video after Call of Duty’s “Infinite Warfare” trailer and Justin Bieber’s “Baby”.

  • January 6th 2017: #PewDiePieIsOverParty trends after Felix edits him just short of shouting the racial slur “n****r” in a video. He’s accused of not being “allowed” to say that based on his own skin colour.

  • January 12th 2017: In a now privatised video, Felix uses Fiverr to test out what people would do for money. He gets two users to unscroll a message saying “Death To All Jews”, causing a huge public shitstorm against Felix and his Anti-Semitic messages. This would become the catalyst for a later “exposé” by the Wall Street Journal…

  • February 14th 2017: Wall Street Journal publish an article saying that Disney has cut PewDiePie from their network after showing them a video of all the Anti-Semitic references in PewDiePie videos. This has since kicked off a huge surge of conversation between creators and the media after the clips were seemingly “taken out of context” and were manipulated to make Felix look like a Nazi.

  • February 14th 2017: On the same day, YouTube announce that they are cancelling season two of Scare PewDiePie before it airs amidst all of the Anti-Semitic controversy. Creators such as JackSepticEye, Markiplier and Jenna Marbles have all come out in support of Felix and disgust at YouTube for how they treated their top creator.

  • March 25th 2017: Felix uploaded an 84-minute long video to his channel where he answered whatever questions a friend wanted to ask. The video is extremely raw, and features very few cuts. He discusses topics many fans will have never heard him talk about before, in addition to this thoughts surrounding the Wall Street Journal attacks over a month ago.

  • April 10th 2017: Following the revelation that YouTube would be demonetising anyone who wasn’t “family friendly” in Felix’s words, PewDiePie announces a new company and weekly Twitch broadcast called “Net Glow”. His first episode featured friend and creator BradWOTO, and stated that he wants to keep it similar to the previous Revelmode-style streams.


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