PewDiePie Addresses Whether He Started The Adpocalypse

9 March 2018, 10:50

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Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

"I didn't create the adpocalypse"

PewDiePie has addressed accusations that he was the cause of the 'adpocalypse', the name given to the 2017 crackdown on YouTube advertising, which saw many YouTubers losing revenue and having their videos demonetised.

The narrative states that PewDiePie's various scandals in early 2017, including making a video which made light of anti-semitism and a livestream where he shouted the N-word, spooked companies advertising on YouTube, and made them pull back their previously quite open approach to advertising on the platform.

Felix instead says that the adpocalypse was caused by an advertising boycott that started when it was discovered that adverts were being served on videos with extremist content. The timeline for this assertion certainly holds up, as all of this controversy had already happened before PewDiePie started to receive backlash.

PewDiePie also says that pulling the ads was a move that was more about trying to get a better deal out of Google (who own YouTube), or even a way for rival companies to dent YouTube.

He relents that he may be "part of the puzzle" that lead to the adpocalypse, but refuses to accept blame for this, instead placing the blame squarely on YouTube, for being "reactionary".

What do you make of Felix's comments? Do you agree?

You can see his full comments here: