PewDiePie hits back at petition to ban him from YouTube

8 April 2019, 12:01

PewDiePie responds to petition to ban him from YouTube
Picture: YouTube: PewDiePie
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

"A lot of these points are just flat out lies"

PewDiePie has responded to a petition that calls for him to be banned from YouTube. The petition has amassed over 77,000 signatures (at the time of writing) with signatures continuing to be added, and is based on the accusation that Felix is a white supremacist who promotes extreme content on the platform.

pewdiepie petition ban response
The petition at the time of writing. Picture:

The YouTuber posted a video called 'BAN PEWDIEPIE!' In which he analyses and dismisses the claims made by the petition and vehemently denies being a racist or a white supremacist.

While he makes some concessions about his past behaviour - we all heard him say the n-word - he states that a lot of the accusations made against him, like the fact he 'paid others to say the n word', are completely false. He says that it was "incredibly irresponsible, foolish and stupid" of him to use the slur and that it doesn't represent any internal beliefs.

He also takes issue with the fact the petition is titled 'Remove White Supremacist Content From YouTube' (a cause he says he supports) and yet is focused solely on removing him.

He also once again discusses and apologises for his actions on the site Fiverr, for which he was widely condemned. He says discussion of his past behaviour is "like a broken record at this point".

On the accusation that he makes rape jokes, Felix says it was "extremely childish, stupid humour" that he did "six years ago" which he doesn't do anymore.

He concludes by saying: "as laughable as some of these points are, a lot of people are taking it seriously... and if you don't know anything about me... then obviously it paints a really bad picture that just isn't true."

He also points out that one of their claims is that he wore a KKK outfit while streaming - which isn't actually real, but an article from a well-known satirical news site.